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General Design Services


Our in-house creative team are able to provide design input to almost any type of project.

With over 20 years of combined design experience we have helped many of our customers achieve their visual goals in a multitude of outputs including;

Re-branding Photo Restoration
Logo Design Concept Design
Brochure Design Corporate Identity
Flyer Design Form Design
Stationery Design Poster Design
We would be happy to talk to you about your design requirements. One of our creative team can offer free and friendly advice for your next project. Why not phone us on 01892 832952 or email us

Types of Design


Our design services are dependent on the kind of creative input needed for your project.

These are the general levels of design we can offer:

Basic Service
This service relies on the customer proving us text, images and a layout. We assemble the artwork to your specification.

Creative Service
This service relies on the customer providing us text and images. We would create a layout using our design experience.

Advanced Service
This service relies on the customer providing us text. We would provide images and create a layout.

This service is for customers who wish to have to have full creative input and bespoke graphics provided.

Photo Re-Touching
This service is for fixing issues with photographs, such as tears, scratches, cracks, removing specific objects.

If you're not sure which design rate you would require then get in touch and we can advise you. Phone 01892 832952 or email

Please note when sourcing images from online stock libraries additional costs may occur.

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